Quality editing service from a highly trained, self-published author.  Have a story but not sure if it's ready for publishing?  I am a  top quality editor with a very discernible eye and years of experience. Examples of my editing available in my own self-published/self-edited works on Amazon.com by author Dara Nelson, or samples available by request.  Let me help you get your book ready to publish.  Low cost/high quality service available to all.  Specializing in the self-published author.  Services range from basic proofreading to manuscript critique and format layout.  Free sample provided on request.  Use the Contact Me page for questions about or to use this service.  First 25 pages done for free!!!  Send me the first 25 pages of your work. I'll edit (and critique it if you'd like) for free.  

My Services:

Basic proofreading/copy editing without comments: Spelling & grammar corrections.  $100 for first basic read through with grammar/spelling edits.  $75 for each successive grammar/spelling read through.

Advanced proofreading/copy editing with comments: Spelling and grammar corrections, content and format suggestions.  $200 for first read through with grammar/spelling edits and content/flow suggestions.  $140 for each successive requested read through

Premium proofreading/copy editing with comments/formatting/teaser creations: Spelling and grammar corrections, content and format suggestions. Manuscript critique  $500 for first read through with grammar/spelling edits and content suggestions/critiques - also suggestions/help with teaser creations.  $350 for each successive requested Premium service.

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